Who we are

A ministry that supports youth and adults affected by trauma.
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how we began

We Started Redemption Ranch To Create Resources for The Kids In Our Care.

When God directed four inner-city kids to our care—and eventual adoption into our family—we saw how trauma affected their educational, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. We realized helping them would not be simple, and that it would require a group of resources.


Nearing the end of college, we wanted to make a difference in this world and knew that combining our love for horses and kids was the way to start. We began seeking God’s will for direction and He lead us to inner-city Cincinnati, Ohio. At first we questioned Him saying, ‘We think you misunderstood us. Our vision included horses. That’s not possible in the inner-city.’ Despite the doubting, He assured us that we were exactly where He wanted us to be. This is where we began to understand what God was doing. He was showing us that the vision needed to be bigger.

the Mission


Our mission is to create a place where sports, animals, and nature work together to empower youth and familes. We have seen how these outlets have positvely affected our own family and we believe this could provide youth and adults with a place where hope and character are grown.


Lead God’s children to experience redemption through Christ and make disciples

The vision is to see the youth and adults overcome life’s hardships, see God as the healer and then be motivated to make a difference in the world around them.


Nature allows people to experience the healing properties of God’s creation.


Sports are a powerful way for people to learn about themselves and each other.


Offers a partnership where strength, encouragement, and support are found.


Interaction with animals helps people learn to care for the wellbeing of another and cope with life, stress, and difficulty.

From Our Founder

Jennifer Jech, Jordan Jech, & Jessica Polzin

As a result of a sinful world, trauma reaches all social classes and races, but we know that the God of hope can redeem any hardship and turn it into something good. Brokenness, pain, and chaos can be redeemed into hope, joy, peace, and love. God’s healing work allows Redemption Ranch Family Ministries to be a place where the impossible becomes possible. Nothing is too big for Him.

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